libmaglo, magtoppm

LibMAGLO is a library to read MAKIchan Graphics (MAG) format images, written in C language.

This library also comes with an utility to convert MAG image to PPM format.


This libraary can read 8-, 16-, 256-color MAG images, MAG comments, and other meta-image information from MAG format files. Currently this library cannot write to MAG format, but if someone asks, I am pleased to add such support :-)

An utility magtoppm comes with the package and uses the library, which can convert MAG images to PPM format that can be used with other utilities like ImageMagick to again convert to many other formats.

How to compile

LibMAGLO and magtoppm should work on most Unix-like platforms, and is known to work on:

This program uses GNU autotools, so compiling the library is as easy as:

  1. ./configure
  2. make
  3. make install


magtoppm(1) libmaglo(7) MAGReader(3) MAGReaderDelete(3) MAGReaderNextPixel(3) MAGclose(3) MAGcomment(3) MAGcommentSize(3) MAGimageEndX(3) MAGimageEndY(3) MAGimageHeight(3) MAGimageStartX(3) MAGimageStartY(3) MAGimageWidth(3) MAGmacCode(3) MAGmacFlags(3) MAGmacType(3) MAGopen(3) MAGpalette(3) MAGpixelWidth(3) MAGscrMode200Lines(3) MAGscrModeCode(3) MAGscrModeIsDigital(3) MAGscrModeNumColors(3) MAGuserName(3) MAGversion(3)


LibMAGLO is a public domain software.

The build system that is generated by GNU autotools may be under respective restrictions. For these files, follow the license notice in each file.