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MAGmacType - returns pointer to human-readable machine type on which the MAG is saved


#include <maglo.h>
char * MAGmacType(MagImage *mag);


The MAGmacType() function returns the pointer to 4-byte human-readable machine type string, which proviedes rough information about the machine the MAG file to which mag is associated is created on.

The 4-byte data is NOT null terminated, unlike standard C strings.

Return Values

MAGmacType() returns the pointer to a 4-byte data storage. The storage is unique for each mag, but not for MAGmacType() function call.

Examples of machine types are:

NEC PC-9801
SHARP X68000
MSX-2 machine

Note that the machine type also depends on the utility with which the MAG file is created.

See Also

MAGmacCode(3) , MAGmacFlags(3) , libmaglo(7)

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