Sun386i Monochrome Video Pinout

Sun386i uses special connector that carries both video and keyboard signals. It is said that color and monochrome framebuffer boards use different pinouts. This information is about the monochrome one, with Sun P/N: 501-1244-01. I tracked the circuit patterns to figure this out.
Picture of Sun386i memory board and monochrome video (501-1244-01)

The only external connector is of type D-sub DA-15P:

(male connector on the framebuffer board)
 \  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8   /
  \                         /
   \  9 10 11 12 13 14 15  /
1in RxDB
3in RxDA
10 GND
11 GND
13 GND
14 GND

The synchronization signals are connected to PLAs, so it is impossible to know which is vertical or horizontal just by looking at the circuit patterns. Video+ and Video- are ECL signals. The video and keyboard signals should be similar to Sun3 counterparts [1].

When I got my Sun386i the fuse at F600 on the framebuffer board was brew out. The replacement is 12.5V 2A. Unfortunately the hard disk drive of my Sun386i was broken, so I'm left without any system software. I'd be glad if somebody can help me! (meanwhile I'm trying to run this system with *BSD) Floppy disks are here! Thanks!


  1. James W. Birdsall: The Sun Hardware Reference Part 5: Disks/Keyboards/Mice/Monitors/Floppy & Tape Drives