Sun-3/260 or 280 boards

We got a set of Sun-3/260 or Sun-3/280 boards. Unfortunately the backplane and chassis were not there when we found these boards.

CPU board (501-1206)

68020 CPU board with monochrome video. Ethernet controller is the Intel 82586.
Sun-3/260 CPU Baord. Intel C82586 Ethernet controller. Panel of the CPU board.

Memory board (501-1102)

16×18 NEC μPD41256C-10. We got two of these boards, and the other board has yellow component socketed in the empty 8×2 socket in the left center by the backplane connector.
Memory board. LEDs on the panel of the memory board.

Tape controller board (501-1155)

It looks like this is the tape controller board. The board is composed of Multibus-to-VME converter card and the actual tape controller logic board.
Tape controller board. Panel on the tape controller board. Solder side of the tape controller. The Multibus connector is visible.

Disk controller board (501-1166)

This is a fixed disk controller, at least that's what I can tell. This is a Multibus controller converted to the VME bus using the same board as the tape controller.
Fixed disk controller component side. The panel of the fixed disk controller card.

Communication Processor II Board (501-1221)

Looks like a large number of communication channels are available on this board.
Sun Comm Processor II Board The panel of Sun Comm Processor II Board

Sun GT Graphics Subsystem Rendering Pipeline Board (501-1726)

A set of boards from the Sun GT Graphics Subsystem tower.
Sun GT Graphics Subsystem The panel of the unknown board.

The second floor of the Rendering Pipeline Board
second floor of the unknown board pair connectors on the second floor. ZIP RAM on the second floor.

Sun GT Graphics Subsystem Frame Buffer Board (501-1267)

The framebuffer part of the GT Graphics Subsystem. The VRAM is 64× Micron MT42C4064Z-12 for a total of 2,097,152 bytes.
Video card. The panel of the video card. 4×BNC connectors. ZIP package memory chips.