Native Dhrystone Benchmark on Android

This is the Dhrystone V2.1 benchmark (C language) that is compiled for Android devices. Android NDK is used to run native code using JNI on Dalvik VM. This program supports 64-bit ARM (ARMv8). Other features include running multiple copies of Dhrystone simultaneously on specified processor cores (useful for comparing the performance of big and small cores on big.LITTLE configurations) and turning off backlight for measuring electrical power consumption of devices.

Why Dhrystone?

Using Dhrystone, the performance of the processor in a Android device can be compared with all range of embedded, desktop and server processor, even those in history.

Supported Devices

Requires Android 3.0+. Support for Android 1.6 devices will be restored when Android Studio's NDK supports gets better.

Supported processors are arm64-v8a, x86_64, mips64, armeabi-v7a, x86, armeabi and mips. The compiler flags for the Dhrytone part are: -O3. The Dhrystone was compiled using Android NDK R10e. For compiler versions please see the messages that are displayed when running this program.

Verified on Sony Xperia Tablet Z [SO-03E] running Android 5.1 (SGP321 ROM), and Google Ion running Android 1.6.

Requested Permissions

This program requests no permissions. There are no ads!


NDKDhry screenshot



All these files are distributed as public domain.

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