MoonCal is an Android app that displays calendar with moon phase.

Supported Devices

Requires Android 3.0 and later.

This application is verified using an Android 5.0.2 device (Sony SO-03E with SGP321 ROM), and an Android 5.1 emulator.


Version 9 (10-Dec-2016)

Version 7 (16-Aug-2015)

Version 6 (20-Oct-2014)

Version 5 (16-Aug-2014)

Version 4 (21-Jul-2014)


License: GPLv3. See COPYING file in the source archive for details.

This app requests no permissions. This compiled version includes binary for all platforms supported by Android NDK R10, including 64-bit ARM, x86_64 and mips64.

How to compile

Android NDK R10e is required to compile this program.


This program includes phases.c included in kdeplasma-addons-4.10.5 package from KDE, which was based on Christopher Osburn's work. I am grateful to both the KDE project and Christopher Osburn for providing us with their excellent work.