MoonCal is an Android app that displays calendar with moon phase.

Supported Devices

Requires Android 3.0 and later.


Version 11 (29-May-2021)

Version 10 (13-Aug-2019)

Version 9 (10-Dec-2016)

Version 7 (16-Aug-2015)

Version 6 (20-Oct-2014)

Version 5 (16-Aug-2014)

Version 4 (21-Jul-2014)


License: GPLv3. See COPYING file in the source archive for details.

This app requests no permissions. This compiled version includes binary for all platforms supported by Android NDK R10, including 64-bit ARM, x86_64 and mips64.

How to build from source

Building from source is fully automated using GitLab CI. See the GitLab CI configuration file for required SDKs, tools and build steps.


This program includes phases.c included in kdeplasma-addons-4.10.5 package from KDE, which was based on Christopher Osburn's work. I am grateful to both the KDE project and Christopher Osburn for providing us with their excellent work.