Computers at KEK

I visited the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan on December 2012, and took several pictures of computers there.

Navigation: IBM BlueGene/Q, Hitachi SR16000, other stuff and outside KEK.

IBM BlueGene/Q

There were six racks of BlueGene/Q.
Three fans are visible on top of the rack; probably more behind the covers.
BlueGene/Q cooler on top of the rack
Fibers and water pipes come out here.
BlueGene/Q cables
The power supply units. Nothing much to see here.
BlueGene/Q PSU

It looks like the optics are soldered on the board.
BlueGene/Q Fibers

The BlueGene/Q Compute Card.
BlueGene/Q Compute Card
BlueGene/Q Compute Card

Hitachi SR16000

The SR16000 comes in a huge rack.
Water pipes and power connections.
Optical fibers come out from the back of the board.
Power supply units are installed on top of the rack.
The rack door acts as a radiator. Huge radiator is embedded in the door.

A sample of dead SR16000 board is displayed on a desk.
The CPU pad on the board. You can count the number of pads.
Memory sockets.
Water pipes.

There are two types of jig that they use to install or remove the board from the SR16000 rack. One is made by Hitachi, and the other is made by IBM. I don't remember which is which.
SR16000 SR16000

Other stuff I found there

Fujitsu VPP500 Door and Configuration Chart. No boards are available due to the use of GaAs.
Fujitsu VPP500 door
Fujitsu VPP500 Configuration Chart

Hitachi SR8000 board (if I remember it right) and door.
Hitachi SR8000 board
Hitachi SR8000 door

Hitachi SR11000 door, I think.
Hitachi SR11000 door


The KEK campus is located in a nice and quiet place.
Outside the KEK campus