Screenshot of GLSFcave GLSFcave is an unofficial port of SunFlat's SFcave for UNIX/OpenGL. SFcave is a game where the player controls a ribbon to avoid hitting walls.

You have only one control: when you hold the mouse button, the ribbon goes up. Otherwise the ribbon goes down.

The game uses OpenGL for drawing two-dimensional frames. This is for portability(for MacOS X) and to offload CPU.

Version 1.1 adds sound support through OpenAL.

How to compile

You need GLUT to compile and play this game. If you need sound support you also need ALUT(a component of OpenAL). MacOS X have GLUT installed by default, however you need to install Developer Tools(Xcode) to compile anything.

I checked this game to compile(using GCC) and work on following environments:


version 1.1(2008/08/09)

glsfcave-1.1.tar.bz2 This is a public domain software.

version 1.0(2008/03/14)

External links

  1. Project page at
  2. GLSFcave page at provides easy-to-install Ubuntu package for the software
  3. GLSFcave is included in the OpenBSD ports!
  4. Product review at